Olivier Monod de FroidevilleOlivier Monod de Froideville

Olivier is within Livetime responsible for the commercial business and daily operations. Olivier studied business management in Groningen. From an early age Olivier was already interested in technique. After his experience at an event agency, an audio and light company and his contribution to a large Dutch film production, he started Livetime Productions together with Jack van Deursen.

Jack van DeursenJack van Deursen

Jack van Deursen is mainly specialized in all technical matters of our productions. Jack has over 20 years of experience in the world of sound, light and video. Jack is also one of the three co-owners of Livetime Productions.

Thijs NijlandThijs Nijland

Thijs Nijland is mainly specialized in site-production. Since januari 1st of 2008 Thijs is co-owner of Livetime Productions. Before that time Thijs was frequently involved in our project as a freelance site-producer. Thijs has over 20 years of experience in this line of work. In his former times he worked for a large international stagebuilder and several technical production offices. Thijs works with Vector Works to make detailed plans of the locations or event-sites.

Maarten LamersMaarten Lamers

During his studies at the Higher Hotelschool he worked as a stagehand, stage builder and artists supervisor, while his fellow students usually ran catering parties. After a brief period at the former Congresgebouw in The Hague, Maarten had gained a lot of experience at different offices and in various industries. Maarten is within the team of Livetime responsible for project management.

Derk van BerkelDerk van Berkel

During his studies commercial economics at the Highschool of Amsterdam, Derk became involved in various event productions. He worked as a project assistant at different offices, but quickly became an independent producer. As business and production leader he produced different theaterproductions, but also the large public events and B-to-B events.

Wietske den HoedWietske den Hoed

Jasper BrouwerJasper Brouwer

Jasper Brouwer focuses mainly on site-production. Jasper also worked for many years in this field, initially especially in the field of rigging, technique and power. Through the many events in which he has collaborated, he quickly expanded his knowledge in the field of all facilities in a production. Jasper is also a draughtsman in Vectorworks for site-production.

Jord VisserJord Visser

Jord is specialized in CAD drawing, location management and site-production.

JobJob van der Meer

After obtaining his Bachelor of Business Administration at Inholland in The Hague, Job started as an independent project manager. During this period he participated in the creation and implementation of various public and corporate events throughout the country. The organization drive and enthusiasm for this industry lies in hid genes. Job joined the team Livetime in May 2016 as a junior project manager.

Marcel Broeders